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Effective supervision of doctoral students in public and population health in Africa: CARTA supervisors’ experiences, challenges and perceived opportunities

Igumbor, J.O.
Bosire, E.N.
Karimi, F.
Katahoire, A.
Allison, J.
Muula, A.S.
Peixoto, A.
Otwombe, K.
Gitau, E.
Bondjers, G.
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The quality and success of postgraduate education largely rely on effective supervision. Since its inception in 2008, the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) has been at the forefront of providing training to both students and supervisors in the field of public and population health. However, there are few studies on supervisors' perceptions on effective doctoral supervision. We used a mostly descriptive study design to report CARTA-affiliated doctoral supervisors' reflections and perceptions on doctoral supervision, challenges and opportunities. A total of 77 out of 160 CARTA supervisors' workshop participants responded to the evaluation. The respondents were affiliated with 10 institutions across Africa. The respondents remarked that effective supervision is a two-way process, involving both supervisor and supervisee's commitment. Some reported that the requirements for effective supervision included the calibre of the PhD students, structure of the PhD programme, access to research infrastructure and resources, supervision training, multidisciplinary exposure and support. Male supervisors have significantly higher number of self-reported PhD graduates and published articles on Scopus but no difference from the females in h-index. We note both student and systemic challenges that training institutions may pursue to improve doctoral supervision in Africa.
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Africa,CARTA,Doctoral training,Effective supervision,Supervisor training
Igumbor JO, Bosire EN, Karimi F, Katahoire A, Allison J, Muula AS, Peixoto A, Otwombe K, Gitau E, Bondjers G, Fonn S, Ajuwon A. Effective supervision of doctoral students in public and population health in Africa: CARTA supervisors' experiences, challenges and perceived opportunities. Glob Public Health. 2022 Apr;17(4):496-511. doi: 10.1080/17441692.2020.1864752. Epub 2020 Dec 22.
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