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Psychosocial interventions targeting recovery in child and adolescent burns: A systematic review

Hornsby, N
Blom, L
Sengoelge, M
Children post-burn injury experience a range of psychosocial sequelae that benefit from early provision of psychosocial support. However, no systematic review exists evaluating the full range of psychological interventions. Objective: To critically evaluate psychosocial interventions for children (<18 years old) with burn injuries in improving psychosocial recovery. Study design: All-language studies were identified from inception to March 2018 in six electronic databases and appraised according to PRISMA checklist and Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool for quality. Studies were stratified into three groups: distraction (virtual reality, child life therapy, imagery-based therapy, hypnosis), burn camps, and other (social skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent group counseling). Results: Out of a total of 5,456 articles identified, 297 underwent full review resulting in 27 included articles published between 1986 and 2018. Sample sizes ranged from 9 to 266, comprising child and adult participants. A range of interventions and psychosocial outcome measures were found. Several studies (n = 21) reported statistically significant improvements in outcome; the majority were distraction interventions to reduce pain and anxiety. A limited number of studies showing effect was found for cognitive behavioral therapy and parent counseling. Risk of bias was high in studies of burn camps and mixed for all other interventions. Conclusions: A range of psychosocial interventions and outcome tools exist in pediatric burns. Distraction interventions prior to and/or during dressing changes or physical therapy were shown to effectively reduce pain and anxiety for a wide range of pediatric ages.
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Burns,Children,Intervention outcome,Psychosocial functioning,Social and behavioral skills,Systematic review
Hornsby N, Blom L, Sengoelge M. Psychosocial Interventions Targeting Recovery in Child and Adolescent Burns: A Systematic Review. J Pediatr Psychol. 2020 Jan 1;45(1):15-33. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsz087.
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