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Acceptability of self- collection for human papillomavirus detection in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Taku, O.
Meiring, T.L.
Gustavsson, I.
Phohlo, K.
Garcia-Jardon, M.
Mbulawa, Z.Z.A.
Businge, C.B.
Gyllensten, U.
Williamson, A.L.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing on vaginal self-collected and cervical clinician-collected specimens shows comparable performance. Self-sampling on FTA cards is suitable for women residing in rural settings or not attending regular screening and increases participation rate in the cervical cancer screening programme. We aimed to investigate and compare high-risk (HR)-HPV prevalence in clinician-collected and self-collected genital specimens as well as two different HPV tests on the clinician collected samples. A total of 737 women were recruited from two sites, a community health clinic (n = 413) and a referral clinic (n = 324) in the Eastern Cape Province. Cervical clinician-collected (FTA cards and Digene transport medium) and vaginal self-collected specimens were tested for HR-HPV using the hpVIR assay (FTA cards) and Hybrid Capture-2 (Digene transport medium). There was no significant difference in HR-HPV positivity between clinician-collected and self-collected specimens among women from the community-based clinic (26.4% vs 27.9%, p = 0.601) or the referral clinic (83.6% vs 79.9%, p = 0.222). HPV16, HPV35, and HPV33/52/58 group were the most frequently detected genotypes at both study sites. Self-sampling for HPV testing received a high positive response of acceptance (77.2% in the community-based clinic and 83.0% in referral clinic). The overall agreement between hpVIR assay and HC-2 was 87.7% (k = 0.754). The study found good agreement between clinician-collected and self-collected genital specimens. Self-collection can have a positive impact on a cervical screening program in South Africa by increasing coverage of women in rural areas, in particular those unable to visit the clinics and women attending clinics where cytology-based programs are not functioning effectively.
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PLoS One
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Human papillomavirus (HPV),Self-sampling,Vaginal self-collected,Cervical clinician-collected
Taku O, Meiring TL, Gustavsson I, Phohlo K, Garcia-Jardon M, Mbulawa ZZA, Businge CB, Gyllensten U, Williamson AL. Acceptability of self- collection for human papillomavirus detection in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. PLoS One. 2020 Nov 10;15(11):e0241781. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0241781.
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