“Give her a slap or two . . . She might change”: Negotiating masculinities through intimate partner violence among rural Ghanaian men

I, Dery
Critical studies on men and masculinities have gained significant momentum in feminist scholarship in the past decades. The growing interest in feminist scholarship has focused broadly on how male-bodied people construct, negotiate, and express masculine identities. Despite this growing interest, insufficient attention has explored how rurally based Ghanaian men construct and negotiate their masculinities in intimate relationships. Situated within critical discursive psychology and drawing on 16 semi-structured in-depth interviews and 6 focus group discussions with adult men in northwestern Ghana, the results show that dominant notions of masculinity provide a broad context through which participants' narratives, negotiations, and experiences on intimate partner violence could be understood. Findings suggest that various cultural narratives and metaphors were deployed to support men's controlling behaviors and/or intimate violence against women. The implications of how harmful masculine ideologies could frustrate efforts that target the development and promotion of a socially just and less oppressive society are presented and discussed.
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Controlling behavior,Gender norms,Intimate partner violence,Masculinities,Ghana
Dery I. "Give Her a Slap or Two . . . She Might Change": Negotiating Masculinities Through Intimate Partner Violence Among Rural Ghanaian Men. J Interpers Violence. 2021 Oct;36(19-20):9670-9690. doi: 10.1177/0886260519869066.
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