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    • Investigating the psychosocial determinants of child health in Africa: The Drakenstein Child Health Study. 

      Stein, D J; Koen, N; Donald, K A; Adnams, C M; Koopowitz, S; Lund, C; Marais, A; Myers, B; Roos, A; Sorsdahl, K; Stern, M; Tomlinson, M; van der Westhuizen, C; Vythilingum, B; Myer, L; Barnett, W; Brittain, K; Zar, H J (2015-08-30)
      Early life psychobiological and psychosocial factors play a key role in influencing child health outcomes. Longitudinal studies may help elucidate the relevant risk and resilience profiles, and the underlying mechanisms ...