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    • Occurrence of patulin in the commercial processing of apple juice 

      Leggott, N.L.; Vismer, H.F.; Sydenham, E.W.; Shephard, G.S.; Rheeder, J.P.; Marasas, W.E.O. (Academy of Science for South Africa, 2000)
      Patulin is a mycotoxin produced by microscopic fungi belonging to the Penicillium and Aspergillus genera. The natural occurrence of patulin in four apple products marketed in Italy and purchased from the supermarket, ...
    • Preparation of South African maize porridge : effect on fumonisin mycotoxin levels 

      Stockenstrom, S.; Leggott, N.L.; Marasas, W.F.O.; Somdyala, N.I.M.; Shephard, G.S. (Academy of Science for South Africa, 2002-08)
      The estimated levels of fumonisin exposure in South African communities tiiat consume maize as their staple diet have previously been based on the analysis of raw maize collected from subsistence farmers, rather than on ...