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The prevalence and clinical correlates of substance use disorders in patients with psychotic disorders from an upper-middle-income country

Temmingh, H.S.
Mall, S.
Howells, F.M.
Sibeko, G.
Stein, D.J.
Background: Substance use disorders (SUDs) occur frequently in patients with psychotic disorders and have been associated with various demographic and clinical correlates. There is an absence of research on the prevalence and clinical correlates of SUDs in psychotic disorders in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs). Aim: We aimed to determine the prevalence and correlates of SUDs in psychotic disorders. Setting: Patients attending a large secondary-level psychiatric hospital in Cape Town South Africa. Methods: We used the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID-I) to determine psychiatric and substance use diagnoses, depressive, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and post-traumatic symptoms. We used logistic regression models to determine significant predictors of SUDs. Results: In total sample (N = 248), 55.6% of participants had any SUD, 34.3% had cannabis use disorders, 30.6% alcohol use disorders, 27.4% methamphetamine use disorders, 10.4% methaqualone use disorders and 4.8% had other SUDs. There were significant associations with male sex for most SUDs, with younger age and Coloured ethnicity for methamphetamine use disorders, and with lower educational attainment for cannabis use disorders. Anxiety symptoms and suicide attempts were significantly associated with alcohol use disorders; a diagnosis of a substance induced psychosis with cannabis and methamphetamine use disorders. Across most SUDs legal problems and criminal involvement were significantly increased. Conclusion: This study found a high prevalence and wide distribution of SUDs in patients with psychotic disorders, consistent with previous work from high income countries. Given clinical correlates, in individuals with psychotic disorders and SUDs it is important to assess anxiety symptoms, suicidality and criminal involvement
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Low-and-middle-income countries,Clinical correlates,Schizophrenia,Substance use,Psychosis
Temmingh HS, Mall S, Howells FM, Sibeko G, Stein DJ. The prevalence and clinical correlates of substance use disorders in patients with psychotic disorders from an Upper-Middle-Income Country. S Afr J Psychiatr. 2020 Jul 28;26:1473. doi: 10.4102/sajpsychiatry.v26i0.1473.
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