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Delays in South Africa's plans to ban alcohol advertising.

Parry, Charles
London, Leslie
Myers, Bronwyn
South Africa has very high levels of consumption of alcohol among drinkers, about 6·3% of disability-adjusted life-years lost are attributable to alcohol, and about 130 deaths are from alcohol-related causes every day.1 In September, 2013, the South African Cabinet moved forward on its plans to ban alcohol advertising by approving a Control of Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Bill. This bill, which has not yet been released for public comment, is now subject to a regulatory impact assessment, and reportedly aims to help reduce alcohol-related harm and protect public health through limiting the public's exposure to alcohol marketing by restricting advertising of alcohol products to points of sale, banning sports and arts sponsorships associated with alcohol products, and prohibiting the promotion of alcoholic beverages.
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Alcohol Advertising , South Africa , alcohol-related harm , ban
Delays in South Africa's plans to ban alcohol advertising. 2014, 383 (9933):1972 Lancet
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