Masculinity and suicide in Bangladesh

Khan, A.R.
Ratele, K.
Helman, R.
Dlamini, S.
Makama, R.
Suicide is a serious but under-researched public health problem in Bangladesh. In light of this, we sought to explore the association between masculinities and suicide. We interviewed 20 family members/friends of men who died by suicide across 12 rural areas of the Jhenaidah district, Bangladesh. We found that male suicide was attributed to men's inability to fulfil hegemonic masculine demands such as financial provision and meeting the sexual needs of their spouses. Suicide was also linked to men's loss of self-respect and respect from others. Some participants mentioned that men committed suicide as an act of self-sacrifice, while others cited mental and physical illness. As a result of these findings, we propose that addressing socio-cultural and religious issues associated with men's troubles may help to prevent suicide. At the same time, changing the restrictive gender roles and masculinity-related ideals is also needed to counter the problem.
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Bangladesh , Crisis , Gender roles , Hegemonic masculinity , Suicide
Khan AR, Ratele K, Helman R, Dlamini S, Makama R. Masculinity and Suicide in Bangladesh. Omega (Westport).
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