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Looking beyond the magic bullet: Novel asthma drugs or education, which works better?

Masekela, R
Levin, M
Jeena, P.M
Annamalai, M
Naidoo, V
van Niekerk, A
Hawarden, D
Emmanuel, S
Katz, H
Zar, H
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the highest use of health resources. The field of asthma therapy is changing rapidly, with a number of new drugs and biologics being added to the treatment armamentarium, particularly for adults. This, though, is not the case for paediatric patients, in whom a number of these novel molecules and drugs have not been investigated. Even though adults have shown responses to medication in some studies, this does not necessarily imply that there will be similar results in children. In the management of severe asthma, use of specific interventions to ensure treatment adherence and goal-setting for self-management is critical to ensure the best treatment outcomes. The objective of this article is to review and grade the current evidence base for use of novel asthma drugs and to make evidence-based recommendations for their administration in children with severe asthma in the South Africa context. We also review the evidence for medication-adherence strategies and self-management plans.
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South African Medical Journal (SAMJ)
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Lung diseases,Children,Medicine
Masekela R, Levin M , Jeena PM, Annamalai M, Naidoo V, van Niekerk A, Hawarden D, Emanuel S, Katz H, Zar H , Green RJ, Kritzinger FE, Manjra AI. Looking beyond the magic bullet: Novel asthma drugs or education, which works better?South African Medical Journal 2018;108(8):619-623. DOI:10.7196/SAMJ.2018.v108i8.13163
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