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Occurrence of patulin in the commercial processing of apple juice

Leggott, N.L.
Vismer, H.F.
Sydenham, E.W.
Shephard, G.S.
Rheeder, J.P.
Marasas, W.E.O.
Patulin is a mycotoxin produced by microscopic fungi belonging to the Penicillium and Aspergillus genera. The natural occurrence of patulin in four apple products marketed in Italy and purchased from the supermarket, herbalist, and retail shops was studied. Thirty-three samples of the four products had no detectable patulin contamination. The 11 positive samples had a concentration ranging between 1.4 and 74.2 microg/L with a mean of 26.7 microg/L. All vinegar samples were negative for patulin; of 10 apple-based baby foods, two samples were contaminated with 17.7 and 13.1 microg/L and both were labeled as "organic food". Comparing organic and conventional agricultural practices, no significant differences were found. Finally, optimization of extraction protocol more general and useful for juices, clarified juices, baby foods, vinegars, and purees was performed. The low incidence of the patulin level in Italian apple products is a clear parameter to judge the quality of the fruit, and the process is of a high standard.
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Academy of Science for South Africa
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Patulin , Apple juice , Processing , Metabolite , Fungal rot
Leggott NL. VHF. SEW. SGS. RJP and MWEO. Occurrence of patulin in the commercial processing of apple juice. South African Journal of Science
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